Jump to the Edge of the Data

September 02, 2021 - by Bill Jelen

Jump to the Edge of the Data

Problem: I have thousands of rows of data. I want to quickly move to the edge of the data using my mouse.

Strategy: To jump to the bottom of the data, double-click the bottom edge of the active cell.

Columns contain numbers for Jan, Feb, Mar. Currently, the first February number in B2 is selected. If you can carefully double-clcik on the bottom edge of box surrounding the cell, you will quickly navigate to the bottom of the data set.
Figure 68. Double-click the bottom of the active cell.

Result: Excel will navigate down until the cell before a blank cell.

Additional Details: Double-click the right edge of the active cell to move to the right edge of the data.

Alternate Strategy: For keyboard fans, using Ctrl+Down Arrow or pressing End followed by the Down Arrow will do the same thing.

Problem: I was selecting multiple ranges using the Ctrl key and I accidentally selected one extra cell.

Strategy: New in 2018, you can unselect a cell by Ctrl+Clicking the cell again.

If you accidentally Ctrl+Click on a cell, you can now remove it from the selection by Ctrl+Clicking again. This is new in 2018-2019 and certainly is a nice addition to Excel.
Figure 69. Ctrl+Click C3 to remove it from the selection.

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