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Merge Rows Quickly

November 22, 2001 - by Bill Jelen

Melinda writes:

Is there any way to merge two rows together quickly? The idea is to fill in the blank fields in row A with the information contained in row B.

I will soon have about 400 spreadsheets with up to 6000 rows each in which I will have to apply the above process. And of course this has to be done in a three day turn-around period.

Can you help??????

Yes. You need to highlight all 6000 rows. Edit - GoTo. Click the Special button. Click Blanks and then OK.

You now have all of the blanks selected. You are going to enter a formula to copy the value from the cell above. Type the equals sign, hit the up arrow, then hit Ctrl + Enter to enter this formula in all of the blank cells.

Finally, reselect all 6000 rows. Edit - Copy, Edit - PasteSpecial - Values - OK.


This is documented in one of the early tips of the week - Tip004

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