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Multiply Hours by Rate

December 12, 2001 - by Bill Jelen

Several quick answers today:


I have figured out how to add Hour:Min, but now that I have that total - How do I multiply that times Dollars per hour?

If the total is in A10, and dollars per hour is in A11, then use =A10*24*A11


I have a macro to sort a worksheet. It works when the sheet is unprotected, but not when it is protected.

In your macro, unprotect the sheet, do the sort, then protect the sheet. Provided your sort routine does not crash, there is no danger that the user will be left with an unprotected sheet.


Where can I download Excel?

You can't. It comes on a couple of CD's. It is too big to download. You can download a competitive product called Star Office from


I am having problems with relational data bases. could send me some tips to do them? Also a easy method saying what they are and how i carry then out on the computer.

Excel is not good at doing relational databases. Access is the product to use.

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