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Provide Feedback with Sound

July 21, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Provide Feedback with Sound

Here is an interesting new feature in Excel: you can have Excel provide gentle sounds to confirm that you have completed a specific action. While this is meant as an accomodation tool for people with visual disability, it might be of interest to the general population of Excellers.

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  • New feature July 2017 - Provide Feedback with Sounds
  • Choose the Modern Sounds
  • Opening a Pane, Closing a Pane, Autocorrect, Copy, Undo, Redo, Paste, Saving a
  • Document, Deleting Cells, Inserting Cells, Deleting Rows, Deleting Columns

Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast
  • episode 2114
  • provide feedback with sound
  • hi actually I'm going to love this one
  • new feature file options brand-new
  • category here ease of access and
  • something called provide feedback with
  • salmon this used to be an add-in but
  • it's now part of Excel and there's two
  • choices here modern and classic modern
  • is the one you want go to the optech if
  • you want to hear about classic alright
  • so we turn that on okay so what we're
  • going to get now are these gentle little
  • sounds just kind of in the background to
  • let you know that something worked and
  • these are the these are the things you
  • can do that will give you those sounds
  • and there might be other things this may
  • not be a complete list so let's open a
  • pane I'll right click and smart lookup
  • that's the sound for opening a pain
  • here's the sound for closing a pain cool
  • autocorrect I type way incorrectly
  • listen oh I like that
  • let's try copy and then paste try to get
  • copy paste oh cool
  • undo ctrl Z redo f4 alright saving a
  • document I'll do control us
  • eyes sling some cells inserting some
  • cells alright let's try this copy paste
  • and I'll try and paste with redo f4 okay
  • so the reduce ound beats the pace I'm
  • deleting some rows leading some columns
  • let's delete a column here all right I
  • get it
  • I like it it's cool I'm going to leave
  • it on I bet some of the will start to
  • become second nature just the little
  • confirmations that things that we're
  • doing are happening I like it
  • click the I in the top right hand corner
  • I look at that changing the sheets
  • someone could actually compose a song
  • with all these new sounds power Excel
  • districts I'll click that up in the top
  • right hand corner to check it out
  • alright brand new features July 2017
  • provide feedback with sounds make sure
  • to choose the modern sound then you get
  • these gentle little sounds when you do
  • any of those things all right well hey I
  • wanna thank you for stopping vital to
  • you next time for another net cast from
  • MrExcel all right here's the Altec
  • file Excel options go into ease of
  • access sound scheme classic this is
  • apparently what they had before they
  • introduced modern
  • you
  • oh yeah your co-workers would kill you
  • if you try to use classic don't use
  • classic

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Download the sample file here: Podcast2114.xlsm

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