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Quickly Navigate to Any Worksheet

June 04, 2002 - by Ian Loughlin

A few quick time savers for dealing with navigating between multiple sheets in a workbook.

  1. Right click on the tab scroll bars (the four sets of arrows in the lower left hand corner) to display a clickable list of worksheets in your book. It is also possible to make this list pop up from VBA code with a simple one-liner:

    CommandBars("Workbook tabs").ShowPopup 
  2. Hit Ctrl + PgDn to move you to the next worksheet. Ctrl + PgUp moves you to the previous.
  3. Select a range of sheets by left clicking the first sheet, holding shift down, and left clicking on the last sheet. Select non-contigious sheets by left clicking on sheets with the Ctrl button held down.
  4. Move or copy a sheet (while perserving formats) by right clicking on the sheet name and choosing Move or Copy from the menu.

Written by IML with credit to Damon Ostrander