Randomly Sequence a List

May 13, 2022 - by Bill Jelen

Randomly Sequence a List

Problem: The students in my class must present an oral book report. Rather than have them go alphabetically, I want to randomly sequence them. How can Excel help me do that?

Strategy: Put the students in column A. Add a =RAND() formula in column B. Sort by column B. Each time that you sort, the students will be in a different sequence.

A column of =RAND() next to the student names. Every time that you sort by the RAND column, the names will re-sequence.
Figure 468. Sort by the RAND() column.

Gotcha: The data is sorted, and then column B is recalculated. It will appear that the new figures in column B are not in any order. This is because the sort was based on the previous values in column B.

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