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Refresh All Pivot Tables

April 19, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Refresh All Pivot Tables

In Microsoft Excel, can you refresh all pivot tables at once? Read this article to learn how.

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  • Say that you have two pivot tables from different data.
  • The original data changes in both data sets. You want to refresh all pivot tables.
  • The Refresh button on the PivotTable Tools | Analyze tab only refreshes one pivot table.
  • Use Ctrl + Alt + F5 or Data, Refresh All to refresh all pivot tables in the workbook

Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast Episode
  • 2079 refresh all pivot tables this
  • question from YouTube last week they
  • have multiple data sets each data set is
  • driving a different pivot table so here
  • we have data that's driving the orange
  • pivot table here it is driving the blue
  • pivot table and if we change the
  • underlying data and I have a little
  • factor up here that's going to change
  • both the columns D and I so we'll change
  • from four to two and press ENTER and
  • when I press ENTER watch this column in
  • that column they're both going to update
  • but you see the pivot table of course
  • didn't update and you know the typical
  • way to do this is to select the pivot
  • table go to the analyze tab click
  • refresh and that refreshes that one but
  • not that one so then you have to go
  • click the second pivot table and click
  • refresh and this is a hassle that you
  • know you're never going to get your your
  • manager you're never going to be able to
  • get your manager to do anything like
  • this so you know two three options three
  • options first option come over here to
  • the data tab where they have awesome
  • refresh all button which is ctrl alt f5
  • refresh all say will change the two to
  • 20 and when I click refresh all we're
  • going to see this change to 4500 this to
  • 56,000 like that all right cool if you
  • would like you can right click and say
  • add this to the quick access toolbar and
  • then becomes an item up there it also
  • ironically if you go back into one of
  • the pivot tables on the analyze tab
  • underneath the refresh there is a
  • drop-down that offers refresh all right
  • it's the exact same refresh all ctrl alt
  • s locks just a faster way to refresh
  • that lots of pivot table tricks in my
  • book power excel with MrExcel the 2017
  • edition check that out click the eye on
  • the top right hand corner a simple
  • little episode today you have multiple
  • pivot tables coming from different data
  • the original data in both datasets
  • changes you want to refresh all pivot
  • tables while the refresh button on the
  • pivot table tools analyze tab only
  • refreshes the current pivot table you
  • can use ctrl alt f5 or data refresh all
  • or the analyze tab open the Refresh
  • drop-down and choose refresh all to
  • refresh all the pivot tables in the
  • workbook way I wanna thank you for
  • stopping by we'll see you next time for
  • another netcast from MrExcel

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