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Streamlining the Bennu Model With RandArray

October 03, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

Streamlining the Bennu Model With RandArray

Last week at Ignite, the Excel team introduced dynamic arrays. Today, a closer look at the RANDARRAY function.

Recently, in my entry to the Excel Hash game, I created a model to calculate the chance that the Earth will have a new tourist attraction, the Bennu Crater by 2196. That model performed thirty million calculations and required 200,001 formulas along with a 100-row data table. Here are the formulas used in 200,001 cells:

This model calculated in 10-12 seconds
This model calculated in 10-12 seconds

To simplify the model, you would use RANDARRAY(100000) instead of the RAND function. This will cause the formula to calculate 100,000 times.

  • You start by replacing RAND() with RANDARRAY(100000) to generate 100,000 answers:


  • Send the RANDARRAY in to NORM.INV to calculate 100,000 locations


  • Send the NORM.INV into VLOOKUP to determine if Bennu impacts the Earth:


  • And finally sum the 100K results


The final model to run 100,000 trials is contained in a single formula:

200,000 cells replaced by 1 formula
200,000 cells replaced by 1 formula

File size shrinks dramatically: From 3,270,979 bytes to 37,723 bytes. Recalc time is cut in half. Watch the Recalc times in the video below.

Watch Video

Download Excel File

To download the excel file: streamlining-the-bennu-model-with-randarray.xlsm

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"Always start your table name with 'tbl'"

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