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Subscript & Superscript

July 18, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Subscript & Superscript

Superscript and subscripts in Excel! Finally, in 2017, Microsoft gave us faster ways to create superscripts and subscripts in Excel.

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  • Superscript and Subscripts were hard to do in Excel
  • June 2017, in response to customer votes on
  • there are now two items you can add to your Quick Access Toolbar

Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast Episode
  • 2112 superscript and subscript hey
  • welcome back to the district cellnet
  • cast I'm Bill Jeleng wow this is a cool
  • and exhale byte user voice calm there
  • was a idea there add icons for the font
  • superscript and subscript so we can put
  • them on the quick access toolbar 372
  • votes before this happened it was a
  • hassle right because if you wanted to
  • superscript or subscript something you
  • had to select those cells or select
  • those characters go into font and then
  • choose subscript like that so a couple
  • of extra clicks and starting in June if
  • you have office 365 they've given us two
  • new quick access toolbar icons now if
  • you happen to see yesterday's episode
  • yesterday's episode 2111 there is
  • currently a bug with a quick access
  • toolbar I have an update for that
  • customize quick access toolbar you have
  • to go to commands not in the ribbon and
  • scroll down to the esses but you see
  • that this is broken this is broken they
  • know about it and it should be fixed
  • within a couple of days or two but here
  • is the beautiful workaround even though
  • it's not populating here that icons are
  • still there so what we have to do is
  • come out to this thing called tell me
  • tell me I'm sure there was an episode
  • here where I just just complained about
  • how miserable tell me was but it turns
  • out that if you type superscript there
  • it is you can right click and add to
  • quick access to or BAM and then
  • subscript right click and add a quick
  • access toolbar after let's say July 21st
  • you won't have to do that because it'll
  • be back in the quick access toolbar
  • dialog you can just go into Excel
  • options and everything is great but all
  • right so let's see how much easier it is
  • to do this let's say that we wanted to
  • do the h2o so I have h2o like that my
  • press asked to to leave me in edit mode
  • left arrow shift left arrow to select
  • the to select the subscript BAM that's
  • cool alright let's try 3 raised to the 2
  • so 3
  • - press the #REF! key hold on shift left
  • arrow key to select the two and press
  • superscript and didn't work why did it
  • work because I was not entering text I
  • heard a number and that you can't you
  • can't apparently you can't format just
  • one of the characters in the number you
  • have to have it be text so let's try
  • again we're going to do apostrophe to
  • say hey this is a textile 3 to s - left
  • hold on the shift key press the left
  • arrow key and then hit the superscript
  • like that and cool alright I never use
  • subscripts and superscripts ever so this
  • does not matter to me one bit
  • but my friends who are engineers who
  • have to create superscripts and
  • subscripts all the time love this
  • feature and that's awesome I'm glad that
  • 372 people voted and I'm glad that
  • Microsoft put it in for them if you have
  • a feature that you desperately want in
  • Excel
  • go out to excel dot user voice comm
  • choose Excel for Windows write it up and
  • then get your co-workers to start to
  • vote the statistic that I heard this
  • great statistic out of all the thousands
  • of votes so far in the first half of
  • 2017
  • they've covered 20% of those votes based
  • on a vote basis right so by doing this
  • one thing they said all right we made
  • 372 people happy so the whole key to
  • Excel by user voice comm is getting a
  • lot of votes alright so there you are
  • power Excel with MrExcel newly updated
  • for all kinds of great tips and tricks
  • in Excel click that I on the top right
  • hand corner to check it out so today's
  • episode superscripts and subscripts hard
  • to do in Excel I in June 2017 and
  • response to customer votes on Excel user
  • voice comm two new items you can add to
  • the quick access toolbar and again an
  • update to yesterday's 21 11 which I'm
  • going to make on listed now that we know
  • what the problem is the quick access
  • toolbar customization should be fixed
  • here within a week but in the meantime
  • you can get something in using the tell
  • me box if you need to add it to the
  • quick access toolbar
  • alright I want to thank you for stopping
  • by we'll see you next time for
  • NetCast from MrExcel

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Bill Jelen is the author / co-author of
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