Use AutoCorrect to Enable a Shortcut

October 07, 2021 - by Bill Jelen

Use AutoCorrect to Enable a Shortcut

Problem: I work for John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. It is frustrating to type this name continuously. How can I save time?

Strategy: You can set up an AutoCorrect entry to replace JJJS with John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Here’s how:

  • 1. Select File, Options, Proofing, AutoCorrect Options or Alt+T+A.

  • 2. On the AutoCorrect dialog, go to the AutoCorrect tab.

  • 3. In the Replace section, type JJJS. In the With section, type the complete name. Click Add.

You can add new items into the AutoCorrect dialog. Here, JJJS will be replaced with John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
Figure 108. Add your own shortcut as an AutoCorrect option.

Results: When you type JJJS in a cell, and then type a space or press Enter, Excel will replace your text with the complete text specified in the AutoCorrect list.

You type JJJS and press enter...
Figure 109. Type the shortcut…
Excel autocorrects to John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
Figure 110. …and a space to invoke the correction.

Additional Details: If you sometimes need to use the abbreviation and sometimes need to spell out the words, then set up JJJS> to be the shortcut for spelling out the words. Then, when you type JJJS, the initials will appear. When you type JJJS>, the words will appear.

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