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Thread: Poll: Anonymous Posting

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    A suggestion has been made to disallow anonymous posting.

    It is difficult for the people answering questions to go back and find your question later if everyone is posting as "anonymous". We've noticed that almost everyone is signing their posts, so you are not really anonymous.

    The new AutoLogin Hack will make it so that you have to register once, and login once per computer.

    The only issue, then, comes down to privacy. The privacy policy states we are not going to sell your name, and you are not going to start getting spam because you register.

    If you do register, you will have the benefit of being able to edit your own posts.

    So - for all of you anonymous posters out there, any strong objections to this proposed change?

    Bill Jelen
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    As some posters may be a bit shy about giving out their e-mail address (even though the have a choice of not allowing other users to see this), a possible quick fix may be to number the anonymous posters 1 to 999. This way the onus will be on the poster to remember which number they were allocated for a particular post and those sending replies can search by author (anonymous 027) and topic (macro sort).

    If it is just the e-mail thing they really should check out and get a free e-mail address. :

    But back to the original question (although you asked for non registered opinions).
    I remember how partial you were to keeping the site free for all, but as it is technically still free and people registering can use any name they wish - I see no problem in allowing only registered users to post, as unregistered users can still access the search facility and probably find most of the answers there.

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