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    Default Table-It : free tool

    last update: 11th Dec 2007 14:00 (GMT)

    Explain what "Table-It" is.
    Discuss "Table-It"-specific questions.
    Please NO general question (like "How to install an Add-In ?").

    WHAT IS "Table-It" ?
    Table-It is an Excel-Add-In creating tables to support easy communication on Forums.
    The motto is "a table can replace a thousand words".

    HOW TO GET "Table-It" ?
    Download "Table-It" (link: see my signature)
    Install as an Add-In.
    Easy to do: see menu tools/add-ins.
    (check regularly for updates)

    options in menu Table-It (at the left of Helpmenu)
    1. CREATE "Table-It"
    select an option in submenu
    - Everything
    - Only Data
    - Only Formulas
    follow instructions
    don't care about the "ugly-looking" layout in your messagebody: if you feel unsure, preview your message
    2. Back to Sheet
    select+copy a "Table-It" in a post
    (when CODEtags were used you can Control+Click to select everything at once)
    then select an option in submenu
    - Everything
    - Only Data
    - Only Formulas
    Before pasting data, care to select the entire table from topleft including spaces.
    To paste formulas: as long as the procedure can find a valid address + valied formula on the same line it should work, even when it's not a "Table-It".

    for USERS
    2 displayfunctions "font" or "code"
    "Table-It" can be copied back to sheet with single command (pasted at same spot as original)
    Aladin Akyurek once asked: Do you also have something on copying an HtmlMaker exhibit and pasting it in Excel without getting row numbers as separate records from data records ...?
    A formulalist is automatically displayed, no copy+paste, no typos in references.
    "Table-It" will recognize arrayformulas in "Table-It"-posts and handle them correctly.
    Hidden rows are displayed as hidden: for instance to show the result of an autofilter.
    For those who may not download or install Add-Ins, code could be copied from textfile and pasted to VBEditor.
    for FORUMS
    The size of produced tables is at least 10 times smaller than html-systems.
    A post with "Table-It" can be quoted without Java-script errors.

    pictures (there are enough other tools to do this)

    since financial formats (ex: $ 12.45) are complex and add some (hidden) spaces, it is better to use "normal" numbers (12.45)
    If you want to optimize the communication with your "overseas"Excellers, don't use thousands-separators
    (ex: 12,000.45, better 12000.45)
    Do not copy-paste a Table-It within your message. It will destroy the layout, due to some "html-Board-behaviour". Quoting the Table-It works fine.
    Do NOT check "Disable BBCode in this post" when posting: see
    New Board software makes the FONT tags unusable. Use the CODE tags till the problems are solved.

    not determined by the tool, but mainly by the display on forum
    version 06 limits
    rows: 30
    width: 100 characters
    these limits can be changed within the code at your own risk

    Feel free to transmit any comments
    - if anything is not clear enough (messageboxes)
    - about errors against english language
    - if the result is not as expected (add table and explain)

    test in this forum

    my hope is to enhance communication on this Board
    kind regards,

    EXAMPLE using CODE tags
       A       B       C                               D       E     F     
     1 NAME    COUNTRY ADDRESS                          MEMBER PAYED OK    
     2 John    USA     Main Street 64 LA 1234          y       n     check 
     3 Luke    Italy   12b Via Roma 4567 Milano        n       n     /     
     4 Marc    Belgium Hoeve 31 3272 Testelt           y       y     ok    
     5 Matthew France  110 Rue Bell Vue 4759 Châtillon y       y     ok    
     6 John    USA     High Road 24 SD 4678            y       y     ok    
     7 Luke    USA     4th Boulevard 789 WC 1496       n       y     /     
     8 Marc    USA     Third Lane 12 WC 4569           y       y     ok    
     9 Matthew France  12c Rue Fougasse 4759 Paris     y       n     check 
    11         USA     2                                                   
    12         Italy   0                                                   
    13         Belgium 1                                                   
    14         France  1                                                   
    [Table-It] version 08 by Erik Van Geit
    RANGE   FORMULA (1st cell)
    C11:C14 {=SUM(($B$2:$B$9=B11)*($D$2:$D$9="y")*($E$2:$E$9="y"))}
    F2:F9   =IF(D2="y",IF(E2="n","check","ok"),"/")
     select first cell
     enter formula without {}
     confirm with Control-Shift-Enter
     then copy down
    [Table-It] version 08 by Erik Van Geit
    Last edited by Von Pookie; Dec 11th, 2007 at 08:59 PM. Reason: Updated information on Erik's request.
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    email Erik

    founder of DRAFT

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