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Thread: Internet Explorer: Trouble Posting at Forum
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    Default Re: Enter key not working

    Hi Peter,

    For me the problem only occurred when I have my Message Editor Interface set to "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing"
    Is that your setting?
    Yes, it is.

    If so, (without Compatibility mode on) in the Quick Reply window, click the top left icon to "Switch Editor to Source Mode" and see if that activates the Enter key action. It does for me.
    Perfect, Enter key works

    If I re-click that icon to "Switch Editor to WYSIWYG Mode" the Enter key stops working again.
    Correct, Enter key doesn't work anymore

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    Default Re: Internet Explorer: Enter key not working in forum post editor

    In settings I had to select "Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls" and not "Switch Editor to WYSIWYG Mode".

    Thanks for the tips!
    Sincerely, Mike Girvin

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