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VBA to copy entire row If Column J = TRUE

(16 responses) Good Morning, I currently use a workbook that holds our whole works orders database amongst many other things. However predominantly I use Sheet9 named OrderStatus. In Column J I h

Array formula to return multiple people that meet multiple criteria

(12 responses) Hi I really need some help with this. Sorry I can?t post the excel file here as it has private information. What I am trying to do is get all of the names of people that spend ove

Hiding Rows with VBA Question

(8 responses) I have a worksheet that has several forms on it. Based on a cell selection I want to be able to hide and unhide various rows. I have been able to successfully do this. Now I would

VBA is it possible to use a integer like function with cells

(8 responses) hey, so im really new to VBA, and im not sure if this is possible. the thing i want to achieve is: in row a i have names, these are names of sheets i already have. these sheets

Re: Add a Confirmation Message Box to a macro?

(8 responses) I have this code that prints everything from data validation, but I also want to run a massage that says "are you sure you want to continue" before running the code. My code works

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