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Date formats being switched between UK / US formats when possible...

(21 responses) Hey All Weird one here, I've had this before but I've always been able to bodge my way around it somehow, but this time I can't and it's finally time to try and solve the problem

Splitting text in cells.

(20 responses) Hi, I need a script that would break up a block of text in a cell at full stops, question marks, and exclamation marks, and create additional cells (not rows) shifting bottom cell

Combining Multiple Excel Files form One Folder into a Single Worksheet

(16 responses) Hi All, I am trying to copy Row 2 forward on multiple excels from a single into a single worksheet. I have used this macro previously, but I keep getting a "runtime error '1004'".

Moving row based on value

(16 responses) I am using the code below. When I activate the macro, the appropriate row disappears, but it is not pasted anywhere. Code: Sub

Apply Auto Filter in Sheet 1 to all other sheets

(13 responses) Hi all I have a workbook with multiple sheets. In Sheet 1 there is only a list of Client Managers, which I want to filter on. All the other sheets with all the data have Client M

Fun Excel Book

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