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VBA: Searching for matches in array excel not responding

(16 responses) I am still learning how to use arrays well, but this appears to be working until it starts the br loop. the computer fan starts running high and when i click on excel it says not

Move Text To End Of Cell

(11 responses) I have text in columns T, U, and V on a sheet called Tracking. In some of the cells I have ?- Hold ?. I would like to delete ?- Hold ? and add ?/ Hold? to the end of the remaining

Export report to Word document

(11 responses) Hello and thank you for any attention my post may receive. I have a report in my Access db which I would like to export as a DOC or RTF so that images can be pasted to it, rather

Golf league handicapping conundrum

(9 responses) I built a golf handicapping sheet for my league of 30 players, each player has a row for score entries for 100+ rounds. Each week I enter into row A Frank's score, from A1 across.

Formula with IF, TODAY and MAX not working.

(9 responses) I'm not sure why this formula isn't working. If AZ2 = "", then I want to return the value of 0. If it isn't null, I want to get the number of days between Today and the max date i

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