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Thread: Guidelines for Forum Use

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    Default Guidelines for Forum Use

    Guidelines updated 29th Nov 2015.

    Forum Use Guidelines

    1. Posting & Forum Use Tips
      1. Read the FAQ
      2. Before you even post a question, have you searched for an existing answer for it? Forum Searching Tips
      3. Make sure you are posting to the correct forum.
      4. Include a meaningful title that is specific to your question. Good: "Excel VBA Type Mismatch Error", Not so good: "Help needed!"
      5. Everyone here is a volunteer, so make it as easy as you can for people to help you.
        1. State your question clearly, including your entire need at the start.
        2. Add some representative sample data - actual data is much better than an image (see also "Posting Aids" below).
        3. Tell us what formula/code you have currently, and why your results are not what you want.
        4. Include which version of Excel and Operating System you are using.
        5. If you are looking for help with an error received, what is the actual error message and where exactly does it occur?
        6. Before posting, read your question back to yourself to check it will make sense to somebody unfamiliar with your worksheet.
        7. Be patient. The more you 'push' for help, the less likely you are to receive it
        8. If you are truly in urgent need, check the Consulting Services page.

      6. If the answer you receive is inadequate for some reason, post a reply stating why the answer does not work and/or with more information (if needed) in the same thread.
      7. If your question has not received any replies, do not start a new thread. At the top of every page in the menu bar is a link labelled "Subscribed Threads". This link should help you find your posts. Alternatively, use 'Advanced Search' (top right of page) -> 'Search Single Content Type' for a more detailed search. You can "bump" posts back up to the top by posting a reply in the thread. Refer also to Rule #12 re bumping your threads.
      8. If you get a successful response to your question, consider thanking (all) members that helped you. Refer to point 5 above and it might also encourage people to help you again in the future.
      9. If you wish to make a complaint about another member, please use a Report button (at the bottom left of any post or Private Message) to send a message to the moderators. If you wish to make a complaint about a moderator, send a private message to AdminMsg.

    2. Posting Aids
      1. You cannot attach or upload actual files as samples.
      2. However, you can post small Excel screen shots using MrExcel HTML Maker (updated 2017) (Win), Forum Tools Add-In (updated 2017) by RoryA (Win & Mac), Excel jeanie by Peter Haserodt (Win) or Borders-Copy-Paste (Either). There is a little more help about some of these methods in this Attachments Sticky. Test the methods in the Test Here forum before use in a main forum for the first time.
      3. If posting vba code, please use Code Tags - like this [code]Paste code here[/code] - or use the VBHTML Maker
      4. There is a Test Here forum on this board where you can test these posting aids before using them in your actual questions.

      - With any of the Add-Ins with recent versions of Windows, you may need to "unblock" the file. In Windows Explorer, find the file, right-click, Properties, General tab, tick the 'Unblock' box down near the bottom.
      - If you end up with two small squares in your Reply window with any of the HTML makers, close any open Windows Explorer windows and try again.
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