Just a friendly reminder:

Click the Submit button ONCE when posting.

Yes, the board has some issues with speed now and then, but even if you click the button and it appears nothing is happening, your post is still being sent to the board.

Accidentally clicking more than once can happen, yes. But when there are 6-10 copies of the same message it's really hard to consider it an accident. Clicking the button X number of times will do nothing but cause your message to be posted X times, leaving a mess in the forum for others to look at and the moderators to clean up.

To recap:
  • Click the Submit button once to post your message
  • If the board appears to "hang," or doesn't immediately take you to the "your message has been entered" screen: Wait. Sometimes it may take several moments for the confirmation screen to be displayed but your post is still being sent.
  • If you wait for the confirmation screen and eventually receive a "page cannot be displayed" error: look in the forum to check whether or not your post went through--the majority of the time, it does. If you do this, and do not see your post, then you can go back and try to submit again.

This affects the private messaging system as well, just for the record.