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    Default Easy-XL Forum

    I've had some questions about it, so a quick note of explanation about the Easy-XL forum...

    Easy-XL is a new Excel add-in that I've launched to make it easier to perform data analysis with tables in Excel. That software has its own website at www.Easy-XL.com.

    As we were preparing to launch the product, there were links in the add-in to post questions about easy-xl in a forum. Rather than build a new message board at www.Easy-xl.com, I wanted to direct those customers to our forum. There are a couple of reasons: First, from a practical point of view, it is one less vBulletin license to buy, one less database to administer, and so on. Second, I hope to be reaching a lot of new Excel people with this utility, people who aren't necessarily familiar with MrExcel.com and I would rather have them come to our website, see the forum, and hopefully realize the amazing knowledge base that exists here.

    Someone asked why Easy-XL is the only product to merit its own forum. Again, from a practical point of view: the Easy-XL developers can monitor that one forum and provide assistance.

    During the next quarter, I plan to use that forum to discuss how VBA coders can use the undocumented links into Easy-XL to use the Easy-XL features in their VBA and also to discuss Easy-XL's extensibility where you can add new features to Easy-XL. The Easy-XL forum seems like a good place to hold those discussions.

    Thanks for your questions/interest.

    Bill Jelen
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