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    Default Help Us Help You

    You are reading this because we need your help.

    Someone is trying to help you resolve a problem, but they don't seem to have enough information to resolve it. It's up to you to provide the required information.

    Please "Help Us to Help You" by providing additional information like:

    1. Any Error messages you receive:
      1. When do you receive them?
      2. What is the exact code/formula you've used that resulted in that error?
      3. What is the exact wording of the error?

    2. The results I received were different from what I expected:
      1. What results did you expect?
      2. What results did you actually receive from the code/formula?
      3. In what way are those 2 things different?

    3. How is the data laid out?
      1. Which sheets/columns/rows contains which data?
      2. Please use one of the provided utilities to post a sample of your sheet.

    Thank you, we appreciate your help.
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