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Thread: Summarize/pivot with dates as column headers

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    Default Summarize/pivot with dates as column headers

    I have a worksheet that contains dates as some of the headers. When I select Summarize/Pivot, I see Jan282010 in both the Columns to Analyze and Columns to Summarize windows, and not the dates I have on my spreadsheet.

    Is there a way I can see my headers and have it summarize properly. Right now, wheter I chose 1 or all of the Jan282010 references, the summary sheet shows them all as 2/10/2010.Total, and the data on the summary sheet is incorrect.
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    Default Re: Summarize/pivot with dates as column headers

    Easy-XL treats row 1 as column headers. Internally, Easy-XL is very much like a database system so when referring to columns by name there may be no arithmetic operators (+-*/^) in the names and names must start with a letter.

    If Easy-XL sees any of these operators in the column headers it removes them internally so when you are presented with a list of column names to choose from, you will see the column names as they are used internally. Additionally, if date cells are encountered for column names, Easy-XL converts the date to a text representation and uses that internally.

    To get around this, change the data contents (not cell format) of the column header to a fixed text value without any arithmetic operators in it and make sure it starts with a letter or underscore.

    I hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Summarize/pivot with dates as column headers

    Dates in headers are not good for pivot tables.
    Have a look at Podcast #493 at the following link to see one way to solve that problem:
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