Version 5 is available as a free update to anyone who has purchased the software within the past 6 months or anyone who has a valid support subscription.

Easy-XL From MrExcel Version 5 contains the following new features.

Full support for Excel 2010 including the ability to handle huge amounts of data with the 64-bit version.

Merge a worksheet into an existing worksheet - Merge has been enhanced to allow you to insert the desired data into the existing worksheet with no need to create a separate worksheet.

Row View - For very wide worksheets, this displays the column values in a stacked (vertical) format on a tool window allowing you to see all of the data values on a row without having to scroll left and right.

Quick Find - Right-click a cell and you'll see a new menu item: Find 'xxx' In... where 'xxx' represents the current cell's value. Selecting this option allows you to select the specific worksheet in which you'd like to search for the value. This feature is useful for reconciling rows between different worksheets based on things like account number, name and address.

Insert n Rows or Columns - Right-click the row # (or column #) in Excel and you'll see a new menu item: Insert n Rows (or columns) When you insert with regular Excel, you have to do it one row (or column) at a time. This pops up a dialog asking you how many rows (columns) to insert.

Regular Expression Functions - See this post for details.

Workbook Index now indexes macros (VBA) - There's now an option to include a detailed listing of all the macros found while indexing workbooks. The list includes all of the modules, components, classes, subroutines and functions contained within the workbook's VBA project.
Numerous tweaks and minor bug fixes.

Full support for Terminal Server, Remote Desktop Connection and Citrix.

Full support for Win 7 (32 and 64-bit)

Full support for Windows Server 2008 R2

Full Support for Unicode

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