I have a template for the items that generate based on formulas. Based on each item, the the template will generate calculation given by if formulas, and index match etc from selected worksheets. The trigger is located in cell C4 of template workbook.

I currently have say, band iron maiden in cell C4 in template worksheet. However, I want to go to next or loop, not sure which one is the best option, for a list of other selections in CON worksheet. Which values starts in A4:A, being that I want to add new bands in the near future.

I'm sure the VBA code is probably very simple. Can someone help me? And also, since the template's other dependant cells are based on cell C4, does the formula needs to be calculated after every selection? I have a code to parse out template and save them onto a designated folder, I just pretty much need a code that allows selection of data from another tab, using next, etc. Until the next cell is blank.