I'm using a userform where a date is selected from DTpicker. I developed it initially on 32bit so I didn't encounter this issue.
In an attempt to make it work on 64bit I downloaded add-in from Date Picker Add-in for Excel for Windows

But an error comes up when calling the procedure in a userform. plus I don't how to make the value of the selection affect a textbox in the userform.
   call ronaddin
   textbox1.value = selectedDate
I tried another workaround solution by creating a list of dates that are linked to a combobox but I've got another problem and now it's with the date format. whenever the combobox is changed the date converts to a number and error comes when using the format property

combox.value = format(combobox.value,"mm/dd/yy")
I would prefer if I can get Ron's add-in to work but if there is no chance then what is the equivalent for the FORMAT property in 64bit office 2016.

thank you