Hi All,
I like to prepare a credit card import file from a csv file. Based on the code and description, expense gl will be inserted and based on province tax will be calculated. I am trying to figure out how to insert new line to do this calculation automatically.
Is there any program i can use do generate this type of file? can vba do this for me? I am self taught, i will learn whatever i can do create this file.

Date,no Ref,Date portée au relevé,Description,Montant,Devise d'origine,Montant d'origine
2017-09-15,U827369302,2017-09-15,GOOGLE ON ,-750.00,,
2017-09-14,U407076370,2017-09-15,LES PECHES DE PINOCCHI MAGOG QC ,-44.15,,
2017-09-13,U163025108,2017-09-15,L'EGGSPRESSO MAGOG QC ,-16.49,,
2017-09-13,U726039010,2017-09-15,LOCATION LANGLOIS INC, MAGOG QC ,-74.49,,
2017-09-13,U726009698,2017-09-15,ESSO MAGOG QC ,-96.96,,

I like to get a csv file in following format, i like it to automatically calculated tax and insert lines with new GL's

ex. line 1 split into 4 following lines
20170915, Accounting expense gl , Description+ Ref, 700 Dr
20170915, Tax account 1, Description +Ref, 30 Dr.
20170915, Tax account 2, Description + Ref, 20 Dr.
20170915, Accounting accounts payable gl, 750 Cr.