I'm trying to attach labels to data points in my xy scatter chart. The label data (names) is in column C, the X and Y values in respectively column D and E. I've researched for solutions, found a macro and included it. So far, so good.

Whilst the macro does attach (name) labels to the data points, it does not provide the correct (name) labels. This is likely caused because I do not use all names for the scatter graph, but make a selection of names through a filter in column C.

  • The graph does present the correct (x&y) data points of column D and E, but the filtered data points don't have the correct (name) labels attached.
  • Instead of attaching the e.g. 6 selected/filtered names from the list of 100 names in column C, the macro picks the 6 names from the top of column C, ignoring the filter selection.

Since I'm totally inexperienced with writing macro's, let alone adjusting them, can anyone help me to fix the macro?

Your help is greatly appreciated.