Column A of Sheet 1 in the first workbook(1) contains the worksheet names that correspond to a second workbook(2)'s worksheet names.

Row 1 of Sheet 1 in workbook(1) contains the names of each column. Row 1 of each worksheet in workbook(2) also contain the names of the columns but they are in a different order than in workbook(1).

I need a code that will match the values in column A, of Sheet 1, in workbook(1), to the corresponding worksheet in workbook(2)
Once matched, I then need to cycle through the columns in Sheet 1, workbook(1), match the column name in Row 1 to the column name in Row 1 of workbook(2) for the matched worksheet
The data from each column in Sheet 1, workbook(1), from Row 2 downwards, then needs to be copied and pasted into Row 2 of the corresponding matched column in the matched worksheet of workbook(2)

This is something that I have no idea how to attempt and no time in which to attempt it!

I would appreciate some expert help. Thank you