I can successfully parse the CA Agile Rally API to return information into a worksheet, but the information returned in the description field is full of HTML tags. Is there any way to pull or publish the data in that field without the HTML tags?

Sample Code:
URL = "https://rally1.rallydev.com/slm/webservice/v2.0/hierarchicalrequirement?query=(FormattedID%20=%20" & RequestNumber & ")&pagesize=20&fetch=FormattedID,Name,Description,Project,ScheduleState,Iteration,Release,c_ActualRelease,c_Requestornam e,c_Region,c_BookingChannel,c_GDS,LastUpdateDate"

HTTP.Open "GET", URL, False
HTTP.SetRequestHeader "authorization", secHeader

jsonText = HTTP.ResponseText

Set json = JsonConverter.ParseJson(jsonText)

w2.Cells(x, 1) = json("QueryResult")("Results")(x)("FormattedID")
w2.Cells(x, 2) = json("QueryResult")("Results")(x)("Name")
w2.Cells(x, 3) = json("QueryResult")("Results")(x)("Description")

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated