Multiple Conditional Formatting Problem
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Thread: Multiple Conditional Formatting Problem
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    Default Multiple Conditional Formatting Problem

    Hello, everyone!

    Thanks in advance for devoting your time to my problem.

    I am stuck at a conditional formatting of a range of cells (do not have a problem when formatting one single cell but would like to avoid copy/pasting the formatting each time).

    - I want to achieve the following:

    Higlight each cell in a range if containing a specific text (let's say "YES") and if the date associated with the column which that cells belongs to has passed. Not sure if this was clear enough, so I will try to explain it in another way.

    If a cell containing specific text (i.e. "YES") is in the column "C" and this column (actually cell "C1") is associated with a date that has passed, I want that cell highlighted with a specific color. Now, where I am stuck at is applying the conditional formatting to the whole range. It is probably a trivial question for many but I am still in the process of learning.

    For single cells I am using the formula : =AND(C1
    I hope I was not too confusing.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Multiple Conditional Formatting Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Miodrag J View Post

    For single cells I am using the formula : =AND(C1< today(), c2="YES" ).

    So what i want to do is for example apply this conditional formatting the range c2:e10. how arrange custom formula so that it responds change of dates in columns c1:e1 and above mentioned specific text each particular cell range?

    I hope I was not too confusing.

    Best regards,

    Select cells C2:E10 and enter this CF formula
    =AND(C$1< TODAY(), C2="YES")

    Excel will automatically adjust the formula for each cell.

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