Good morning. I am working on an Index/Match formula referencing sheets in a folder. Trying to figure out how to reference a cell rather than have to type or do a search replace every time.

Here is the formula =INDEX('C:\Users\jdoe\Desktop\2019 Budgets\[Derr2019.xlsm]Area Template'!$C$67:$R$514,MATCH($D2&$E2&"2019 Proj",'C:\Users\jdoe\Desktop\2019 Budgets\[Derr2019.xlsm]Area Template'!$C$67:$C$514,0),MATCH(F$1,'C:\Users\jdoe\Desktop\2019 Budgets\[Derr2019.xlsm]Area Template'!$C$67:$R$67,0))

Where it says [Derr2019.xlsm] I would like to be able to reference a cell in C2. Tried Google search, but couldn't find anything.

Any help is appreciated.