Hi guys, I have this report that I update each day, and my process is:
1.) go to sharepoint
2.) look for file name
3.) download
4.) make my changes

for step 4, I already have a macro created to help me out with that. however, for steps 1-3, i was wondering if I could use some automation for that. I've used macros to get items from sharepoint before, however, this time my issue is that there's a new file I have to pull every day, and I dont know how to code it so it only pulls and uses the new one.

there are 3 new files on sharepoint everyday
- "Forecast (Jan 10) A-F"
-"Forecast (Jan 10) H-L"
-"Forecast (Jan10)"

I need the third file, the one without any suffix on it. The name changes every day, is there a way to program it so that excel looks for "Forecast (month, today)"?

any help would be appreciated.