I am using a macro to rename all my file in a folder with a specific cell value, the macro also rename the sheetname with the same cell value.
It works fine for what I need, the only drawback is that the macro is sometime terribly slow.

1) Could someone give me some tweak to speed-up a bit this macro ?

2) I would like to make some change to the macro to be able to select only specific file in a folder to be renamed instead of the full content of the folder. Would it be possible ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Sub RenameAllExcelFilesInDirectory()

With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
filepath = .SelectedItems(1)
End With

Set r = Workbooks.Add.Worksheets(1).Range("A1")
StrFile = Dir(filepath & "\*.*")

Do While Len(StrFile) > 0
strExtension = Split(StrFile, ".")(UBound(Split(StrFile, ".")))

Set wb = Workbooks.Open(filepath & "" & StrFile)
StrNewfullfilename = wb.Sheets(1).Range("B6").Value & "." & strExtension
Dim rs As Worksheet

For Each rs In Sheets
rs.Name = rs.Range("B6")
Next rs


r.Value = StrFile 'print old name
r.Offset(, 1).Value = StrNewfullfilename 'print new name
Set r = r.Offset(1)
Name filepath & "" & StrFile As filepath & "" & StrNewfullfilename
StrFile = Dir

ActiveWorkbook.Close False

End Sub