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    Default Lift/Drag

    Hello! I’m working on reporting to show the overall impact an agent has on our site. Our site KPI goal is 90%; Agent 1 has 20 surveys averaging 80% Agent 2 has 100 surveys at 80%. Both are obviously not meeting but Agent 2 has a bigger “drag” to our site. Can someone help me with the formula that will show Agent 2 has a “drag” of -xx% to my site compared to Agent 1’s impact.

    Sorry if I didn’t explain that correctly. Any help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Lift/Drag

    It's not clear to me what you mean by "20 surveys and averaging 80%" - what is that an average of ?

    So if Agent 1 has 20 surveys and an average of 80% does that mean that 25 surveys were (I dont know) "offered" - but only 20 of the 25 people responded to the survey? 20/25=80%
    If so then Agent 2 has 100 surveys and 80% therefore 125 surveys were "offered" 100/125=80%

    So just take the number of surveys and divide by the percentage

    Agent 1 20/0.8 = 25
    Agent 2 100/0.8 = 125

    Therefore Agent 2 has the bigger "drag" since 125 is greater than 25.

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