Hi all,

While I've performed simple Macro's in the past, the relative complexity of my current project has me a little stumped!

I have created dependent drop-downs that display varying options of which users then score. I am wanting to paste these answers into the next worksheet, with the format in Columns O to T made to measure. (This process will repeat many times for each user)

To make it future-proof I am needing two buttons:

Retrieve:Upon selecting options via the drop downs, a macro to retrieve scores (for the options) from the Dataset (
If applicable - most will be entering for the first time initially)

Update: Upon entering/updating score, a macro to copy and paste columns O to T (Variable rows) to next worksheet. This may replace existing data, or add to it. The order does not matter as PivotTable will update/filter this accordingly - however aligning the data would make it neater. E.g. Name 13 always updates over the top of/or inserts below existing entries, not at the bottom of the entire list

Is anyone able to assist me with similar examples or suggestions please?

Thank you for your time!