Please help! I have been searching for days to find an answer. I'm sure that I am not the first person to want to share a worksheet and allow each user to filter to their needs. There has to be a solution.

So I have a worksheet that has several macros and VBA's that I would like to share and allow about 4 users make changes to the information. Each user should be allowed sort/filter the sheet to suit their needs. If a user changes information for a customer such as phone # or address it can communicate that change to the other users worksheets. I have found ways to do this without the ability to filter that data, but that is an import feature that I do need, so...

Do I need to use excel in conjunction with another program like Access, or should I be using Access instead, or is there just something else all together I should be using? Or is there a way to identify the Customer ID# or Name instead of column, row or cell for changes?

I am still learning so if anyone has some useful knowledge please share. I greatly appreciate your help!