My healthcare facility currently used a shared, password protected spreadsheet to schedule procedures for physicians.

Is there a way I can create a user-generated report (basically a daily schedule) from the spreadsheet?

I've attempted to link data to another workbook and/or create a linked report in word. But to use that linking it wants the user to sign into the shared spreadsheet and that causes a lot of security issues.

Failing with a user generated report, my fall back could be an automatically generated report to word or excel that could put the filtered items on a printer friendly format for those needing basic scheduling info.

The scenario would be for the user to go to a shared network folder and either create a schedule that has the latest info available from the secure spreadsheet or just have a report that can auto-generate every hour or so.

I'm looking for general ideas here and what folks think may work the best.

Our facility uses Excel 2013.

The shared, secured spreadsheet is only accessed by three people and is on the same shared drive as the report folder if that helps.