Hello Excel and VBA Experts
I have a challenging problem to automate a routing table. I am given data with missing users names and the routing table to determine the user names, and I canÂ’t change how the information is presented.

The data with missing user names has 5 fields; for this example we will call them Card Suits, Elements, Planets, States, and Number where Number is a 5 digit string that is mostly numbers, but could contain a letter.

The routing table that I have has all of these fields as options but not all fields need to contain data. Additionally, the Number is broken up into 5 fields to represent parts of the string. The 5 fields would be something like a Left Function. So if the second number field was 12, this would mean every 5 digit string that begins with the characters 12, like 12345 or 1209Z. Please see the example below for a better understanding. Any help would be great!

This is the data that I am given
Card Suits Elements Planets States Number
Hearts Lead Earth Texas 12345

This is the routing table
Card Suits Elements Planets States Num1 Num2 Num3 Num4 Num5 User
Hearts Lead Earth Texas 12345 Jon Snow
Hearts Lead Earth 12 Bran Stark
Hearts Earth Robert Baratheon
Lead Jaime Lannister