Good day All,

Hope all is well.

Could you please help me on how I can change the pivot table style being generated by the below macro. Currently, it generates "Classic" view, and would like to change it 'Table Style Light 20'.

HTML Code:
Sub CreatePivot()
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Pending Asia").SelectRange("B:P").SelectSet objTable = ActiveSheet.PivotTableWizard
Set objField = objTable.PivotFields("Number of Days Pending")objField.Orientation = xlRowField
Set objField = objTable.PivotFields("Status Changed to")objField.Orientation = xlColumnField
Set objField = objTable.PivotFields("Activity ID/Team Track")objField.Orientation = xlDataFieldobjField.NumberFormat = "0"
End Sub
I hope you can assist me on this matter. Thank you in advance!