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Thread: VBA - How to convert JSON to Table ?

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    Default VBA - How to convert JSON to Table ?

    i have the following which loads a webpage and extracts the JSON

    Sub JSON1()
        Dim username As String, password As String
        username = "xxx"
        password = "xxx"
    Dim xmlhttp As Object, myurl As String
    Set xmlhttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.serverXMLHTTP")
    myurl = Range("C1")
    xmlhttp.Open "GET", myurl, False
    xmlhttp.setRequestHeader "Authorization", "Basic " & EncodeBase64(username & ":" & password)
    xmlhttp.setRequestHeader "Accept", "application/json"
    'JSON is pasted fully into cell A1
    Range("A1") = xmlhttp.responseText
    'Now i need to convert JSON to a readable table without knowing the data types.
    End Sub
    Now once it is loaded into a cell im wanting to convert it into a readable table. Ive looked into using but it seems to require you to know data types etc... which can vary within the JSONs i want to parse.

    Similar to this is what i need:
    with example json

      "markers": [
          "name": "Rixos The Palm Dubai",
          "position": [25.1212, 55.1535],
          "name": "Shangri-La Hotel",
          "location": [25.2084, 55.2719]
          "name": "Grand Hyatt",
          "location": [25.2285, 55.3273]
    name position/0 position/1 location/0 location/1
    Rixos The Palm Dubai 25.1212 55.1535
    Shangri-La Hotel 25.2084 55.2719
    Grand Hyatt 25.2285 55.3273

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    Default Re: VBA - How to convert JSON to Table ?

    Hi JumboC,
    if you're using Office365 you could also use the PowerQuery editor, e.g. with this example:
    As an alternative: I'm using VBA-JSON in my project and it works like a charm ( In your code, you could start with:

    Dim JsonTxt as String
    JsonTxt = xmlhttp.responseText
    Set JsonResult = JsonConverter.ParseJson(JsonTxt)
    For each M in JsonResult("Markers")
       debug.print M("Name")
    Next M
    Hope that helps,
    You can't post attachments here, but you can help me helping you by posting a screen shot directly in your post with any of those tools.
    Otherwise use dropbox/google drive/etc to get your file accross (not preferred). For code, put it inside these tags: [ CODE][/CODE]. Do check the forum rules.
    Finally, please show that you made an effort to solve your problem: Yes, I like to help, but am not going to do your job.

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