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Thread: Open Multiple files with loop
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    Post Open Multiple files with loop

    I have just upgraded my excel on my mac and have problems with my code and the GrantAccessToMultipleFiles and looping through the excel files in my directory. When the Set wb line executes, I get a Run-time error 1004. Additionally, I want to access a large number of files (>100) in my directory and want to know how I can get round individually listing the files in the GrantAccessToMultipleFiles line.


    Sub Regression_1()
        Dim FilePath As String
        Dim folderPath As String
        Dim filename As String
        Dim wb As Workbook
        Dim fileAccessGranted As Boolean
        Dim filePermissionCandidates
        Dim wkb As Excel.Workbook       'External workbook Master results
        Dim wks As Excel.Worksheet      'Worksheet in External workbook
        Set wkb = Excel.Workbooks("Master Gaze.xlsm")
        Set wks = wkb.Worksheets("Data")    'combine to ref external workbook/worksheet
        Dim MediaID As Integer              'MediaID 1- letter and 4 Number
        output_row = 5          'starting row in Master sheet
        folderPath = "Macintosh HD:Users:kerijustice:Documents:Jessica:Test3:"        
        filename = Dir(folderPath)
            Do While filename <> ""
                If Right(filename, 5) = ".xlsx" Then             'change to suit file type e.g., .xls/.txt files
                Application.ScreenUpdating = False
                'Create an array with file paths for the permissions that are needed.
                filePermissionCandidates = Array("/Users/kerijustice/Documents/Jessica/Test3/P038 - JP_short.xlsx", _
                "/Users//kerijustice/Documents/Jessica/Test3/WH18068 JP.xlsx")
                 'Request access from user.
                fileAccessGranted = GrantAccessToMultipleFiles(filePermissionCandidates)
                'Returns true if access is granted; otherwise, false.
                Set wb = Workbooks.Open(folderPath & filename)
    ' Calculations
     'Save Workbook
        'Close file
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    Default Re: Open Multiple files with loop

    Apple won't let you do this any more. It's called "sandboxing." You'll get the stupid Grant Access dialog once for each directory. Once you have granted access, then you won't see the grant access dialog on subsequent attempts. Click here for a discussion about a work-around that turns sandboxing off.

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