I'm building a chart from 3 series of data. Mac Excel 16.16.12

The issues:

  • Adding data series 1 is all ok and called "Series 1 "Point A"" on the chart. All category names on X-axis are correct.
  • Adding series 2 is ok and called "Series 2 "Point B"" on the chart; however, "Series 1 "Point A"" then changes title to "Series 1 "Point B"".
  • Category names on the X-axis do not show both series 1 and series 2; instead, when adding series 2, X-axis category names for series 1 are replaced by X-axis category names for series 2.

It's as if adding series 2 somehow overwrites series 1.

The 3 series come from a total of 16 non-contiguous ranges. Series 1 has 6 ranges, series 2 has 4 ranges, and series 3 has 6 ranges.

I'm clearly missing something basic.

Help required.

Thank you.