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Thread: Help! Countif codes..
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    Default Help! Countif codes..

    Good Day Mam/Sir.

    In this project , i have to register for an appointment.
    Sample picture below.

    as of now, i am managing to save the inputs from userform to worksheet.
    to finish my project, i just want to add a code that limit the applicant to register for a specific time in a specific date.

    here is the scenario:
    I am registering for an appointment.
    I will enter my name, choose what date and what time.
    (example picture above)

    Now i want to limit the applicant that can register in a specific time and date.
    for example max 10 applicants can register on 8-10am, Nov.8,2019.
    if that time and date reaches the limit, i want to make that option under the combobox "8am - 10pm" cannot be chosen anymore coz it reaches 10applicants. (Hope you get what i am trying to attain here).

    Is it possible to do that?
    Please help me write a code, for now i am studying COUNTIFS in youtube tutorials but unfortunately cant write a code.

    Help is so much appreciated.
    again, forgive me because i am only a newbie, only relying on youtube tuts.


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    Default Re: Help! Countif codes..


    You cant attach files on this forum. There are tools on this forum for adding small spreadsheet images

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