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Thread: VBA code - verification of data for equality
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    Default VBA code - verification of data for equality

    Dears, I would like to kindly ask you for your advice regards vba code. I need to assure that use right data. As I'm just beginner, not sure how to proceed with that... When push the button, data(text) in column A will be checked for equality. If all the same, run preview before printing. If not, pop up the message window and close macro. Problem will be that no. of rows in column A will change every time...depends of filtered name. I just need to make sure that only 1 name is selected (for further processing of data) Cells in considered / filtered range will be every time checked toward text / data in cell A2 A B C 1 Name 2 John 3 John -----> run preview for printing 4 John 1 Name 2 John 3 John -----> Pop up message box and close running macro 4 William Many thanks for your help in advance Radek
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    Default Re: VBA code - verification of data for equality


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