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Thread: Need to Combine Rows
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    Default Need to Combine Rows

    In the spreadsheet below I have information that represents truckloads of steel. The different colors represent one individual load that has multiple shipper cities and / or multiple receiver cities. The loads however are on different Lines. They are identified by a unique Load ID (column B). The Blue Lines represent a load that had 2 different pickup cities and 2 different receiver cities.

    What I want to capture is the amount of times each load combination happened. For example below we have 4 different loads. Load ID 1023765 is Shipper 1 Madison, Shipper 2 Red Bud, Receiver 1 Paris, Receiver 2 Flora.

    Can anyone give me some help?


    A B C D G I J
    Transport Order ID
    Load ID
    Shipper City
    Receiver City
    Gross Weight [lb] (Load)
    Gross Weight [lb] (TO)
    10331622 1023765
    Custom Steel
    Madison Paris 44470 24280
    10331624 1023765 Custom Steel Red Bud Flora 44470 20190
    10333000 1025493 Custom Steel Madison Paris 46734 15212
    10333002 1025493 Custom Steel Red Bud Paris 46734 31522
    10333009 1025498 Custom Steel Madison Flora 45980 38710
    1033010 1025498 Custom Steel Red Bud Paris 45980 7270
    1033623 1026131 Custom Steel Red Bud Paris 43211 39632
    1033624 1026131 Custom Steel Red Bud Flora 43211 3579

    ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 249px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left: -1000px;">
    Custom Steel

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    Default Re: Need to Combine Rows

    For the table you posted, what would be the complete desired output?

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