I am using a Spreadsheet as a form. Currently my people are printing out the form and hand writing the data in to the cells. I was wanting to speed things up.

We have 2 exported reports that could be used to fill in the data fields and ranges. Currently I've been cutting and pasting the data into the Workbook.

I was wondering if I could reference the active sheet in my formulas to gather the data without cutting and pasting. I have some pretty elaborate if formulas such as:

=IF(AND(CopyRM!$AA15="REPORT",CopyRM!$Z15="Within Limits"),CopyRM!$V15,"")

another one is:


What is the best way to have it gather the data? The auto file name is quite long or could I save it as a predetermined file name?

People are fighting me on the automation but it drives me nuts to manually hand write these fields.

Thanks in advance