I have a tricky question. I have a workbook I am using for a game about 1000 people will be playing. The workbook consists of several sheets but the only sheets users will have access to is a sheet called "Picks". Admin users will have access to all sheets so I already have a system in place for sheet access
I have created a userform where users will register their info and create a username and password. Once they register they will login and gain access to only "Picks" sheet. What I cant seem to accomplish is when a normal user logins into the Picks sheet I only want them to view and access the row their username or regular name (either way) is on.

I was thinking of 2 ways to accomplish this:

1. Using another userform that pops up when they login to access their row with drop down menus but I don't know the code to accomplish this. 2. The other way would be to hide all other rows except the one that their username or regular name exists on.

*****NOTE**** There are 17 weeks on the Picks sheet and each week users will pick a team to win. They can only pick that team once so the drop down menus are dynamic and once a team is picked it drops off the drop down menu.

I cant add an attachment but I hope this is alright. Here is a link to the workbook.


You can close the userform and access the VBA since I haven't added any security yet. Its just for fun and there isn't any personal data on this thing so I'm not worried about anyone doing anything with it. Thanks for any help. I hope I've made myself clear.