Delimit Column and Repeat Row Identifer
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Thread: Delimit Column and Repeat Row Identifer
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    Default Delimit Column and Repeat Row Identifer

    Hi all,

    I have two columns of data in excel

    with the headings - Reference and Result

    the first cell (A2) in column 1 is a unique identifier
    the second cell (B2) is the result

    the issue is that the data in B2 are multiple results delimited by either

    a tab, quotes, space, asterisk, comma, pipe, semi colon, colon, space, or tab

    what I need is a way to delimit column B into its separate results

    but keep all the data in 2 columns, so repeat the reference for each result in a new row


    Reference Result
    123456 A|B


    Reference Result
    123456 A
    123456 B


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    Default Re: Delimit Column and Repeat Row Identifer

    Depending on your data in columns "A & B", try this for results in columns "C & D".
    Sub MG08Aug14
    Dim n As Long, Rw As Long, Ray As Variant, t, c As Long, Sp As Variant
    Dim Rng As Range, Dn As Range
    Ray = Range(Range("A1"), Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Resize(, 2)
    For Rw = 1 To UBound(Ray)
    For n = 1 To Len(Ray(Rw, 2))
       t = Mid(Ray(Rw, 2), n, 1)
        If Not Mid(Ray(Rw, 2), n, 1) Like "[A-Za-z0-9]" Then
            Mid(Ray(Rw, 2), n, 1) = ","
        End If
    Next n
    Sp = Split(Ray(Rw, 2), ",")
    For n = 0 To UBound(Sp)
        c = c + 1
        Cells(c, 3) = Ray(Rw, 1)
        Cells(c, 4) = Sp(n)
    Next n
    Next Rw
    End Sub
    Regards Mick

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