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Thread: Is there a better way to include comments than "Insert Comment"?
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    Default Is there a better way to include comments than "Insert Comment"?

    So I've got a bunch of comments in a spreadsheet and all the comments are of variable length. I try not to change the size of the default box if I can avoid it cause I've noticed if I increase the size or move it, the next time I look at that comment, the box has changed size and I have to change it back so I can read everything clearly.

    I know I can change the format of the text boxes, but I don't think that helps me with my problem now. And I don't think it changes the format of the comments already in the spread sheet.

    So is there something I can do to prevent these automatic and undesirable format changes?

    Or is there a superior way to include comments in Excel that isn't so finicky?

    The spreadsheet has "Sort and Filter" options at the top and I frequently change how I want the list to appear. Is that what's causing the format changes?

    On a side note: This forum is a really wonderful source of information and everyone who contributes is really knowledgeable. Thank you for your help!

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    Default Re: Is there a better way to include comments than "Insert Comment"?

    1. What version of Excel are you using ?
    ( Notes were recently introduced into Excel )
    2. When do you want to see each comment ?
    ( eg only when hovering over a cell ? )
    3. How would you prefer to see the comment ?
    ( eg make comment box consistent width ? )
    4. Are comments usually edited after initial creation ?
    5. Are you happy to have some VBA in the worksheet to have a comment always look the way you want ?
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