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Thread: converting excel document (with macros) to sharepoint form
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    Default converting excel document (with macros) to sharepoint form

    This may not be the perfect forum for this question, so ifyou have another suggestion of where to as, I am happy to explore…

    I created an excel spreadsheet (name: Excel1), thisspreadsheet uses macros and pulls data from a second excel spreadsheet (Name:Excel2).

    Excel1 tracks a service outage. So the sheet is helping us calculate costsbased on time down.

    Now my team has “upgraded to higher technology” and has createda new sharepoint form that you enter all your outage information….(ie when itstarted, how long it lasted, what happened…) this form then puts all that data into a ‘database’ for easierreporting.

    One of the pieces of the sharepoint form, is an outageimpact analysis. So it can calculate thecost and time Impacts of the outage.However,the data calculated from Excel1 Is not currently part of sharepoint form

    Is there a way to take Excel1 and add it to sharepointform.

    I am thinking the form would say STAFFING COSTS - $1200 and then there would be a link to the worksheet that created that1200….so

    Team Affected Team Outage cost
    Team Affected Team cost
    Yes 1 100
    No 2 0
    Yes 3 1100

    Obviously the breakdown may include number of people, numberof hours worked, and maybe number of cost per hour to get the final cost …butyou get the idea. Excel1’s formulashave all these factors built in .

    It would be great to get a full summary from the sharepointform/database vs having to use Excel also.

    Is this possible to do? How would I go about searching thisto make this happen? Is there a betterplace to ask questions about the sharepoint piece?

    Thank you in advance for the help
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