I have a workbook with two spreadsheets:

Sheet 1

Column A - Tenant
Column B - Lease #
Column C - CPL
Column D - AR
Column E - Difference

Sheet 2 has 18 columns the one to be used are

Column B - Tenant
Column C - Request Type ( Electricity - Variable)
Column F - Lease #
Column M - Labor
Column O - Markup

I am looking to pull the amounts from Columns M & O on sheet 2 to Column D on sheet 1 based on the following

1. Tenant Name
2. Lease # (On sheet 2 there could be multiply rows with the same lease # and request type).
3. Request Type This would be "Electricity - Variable"

I am also trying to figure out how to combine instances where there is more than one row that meets this criteria. And if it is possible to add the results in columns M & O into column D on sheet 1.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you