I have a series of lists based off indirects, all to get me to a final product code.
Now i have the code i want to show its current location. It can be in one spot, in many spots, or in no spots which will spit out an error ("no location found")

I have the list K9:T292 for the locations and the product codes are A9:A292, both on a sheet "DONTSORT".
On my master sheet "sheet2" which contains the dropdowns, in J12 i want to show the lowest location for that code or the above error message, and any subsequent locations in J25, J29 and so forth.

The locations look like Letter/Number/Letter (H1A) would be lower the H1B or J3C as examples. The lower the last letter, the first i want to see then the number and then first letter in terms of importance.

How do i do it!??

Thanks heaps