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Thread: double sort and percentrank function with NA in VBA
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    Default double sort and percentrank function with NA in VBA

    Hello guys,

    My data set is like this:

    Stock Return Criteria1 Criteria2 Percentrank.INC
    1 0.1 W 0.9
    2 0.3 M 0.7
    3 0.2 NA 0.3
    4 0.1 L 0.5
    5 0.5 M 0.33
    6 0.2 W 0.88
    7 0.1 W NA
    8 0.4 L 0.2
    9 0.2 L 0.77

    What I want to do is to run double sorts in VBA. The sample here is cross-sectional, but my data also has time dimension. What I need to calculate is the percentrank.INC of each stock. Lets take stock 1 as an instance, this stock belongs to group W, and its value of criteria 2 is 0.9. I want to calculate the percentranl.Inc of its criteria 2 within the W group. (We also have NA in both criteria1,2 columns)

    As what I mentioned, I also need to repeat this step over a long period. Therefore, I prefer to using VBA code for this scenario.

    Thank you guys so much.

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    Default Re: double sort and percentrank function with NA in VBA

    If you want automatic calculation of the results then having a preference of vba over native worksheet functions could be a false economy. If your reason for wanting vba is slow response when entering data then I would suggest formulas in the worksheet with a button to toggle between manual and automatic calculation.

    It would be benificial to add the results that you expect to the example, along with a bit more information about the expected handling of the NA entries. Should all NA's in criteria1 be treated as a group the same as W, M or L would be, or ranked individually (high or low). Should the W in criteria1 with NA in criteria 2 be considered as a third W stock or do we only look at the 2 with a number in criteria2? If it should be included as part of the ranking, how should it compare to the other stocks in the same group?

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